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From Dentures To Dental Implants—What To Expect

March 4, 2022

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woman with dental implants smiling in New Orleans

After years of wearing your dentures, you may start to feel like you’d like a more permanent change. Out of all the types of restorative options, dental implants are certainly the most enduring. But is it still possible for you to make this transition? Read on to learn how you can benefit from the switch and what to expect from it!

Transitioning from Dentures to Dental Implants

There are plenty of reasons why most patients choose dentures over dental implants. Not only are they more convenient and require less recovery time, but they’re also affordable! The cost alone makes this option a great deal, but what about in the long run? Over time you still might notice certain changes to your facial features, and your nightly routine of taking them out can become frustrating.

If you want a more permanent solution for replacing teeth, then dental implants are the answer. By surgically placing these metal posts in your jawbone, you’ll have an improved structure and quality of life. You won’t have to take them out or give up your favorite foods, and you only have to clean them like normal to give the proper care. It’ll feel like you have your natural teeth again!

Will I Need a Bone Graft?

For dental implants to work, however, they’ll need a sufficient amount of bone mass for stability. Whenever there are missing teeth, the jawbone begins to shrink due to a lack of blood circulating to those areas. This is the reason your facial structure might gradually change, which can make it difficult for dental implants to remain. If you don’t have enough jawbone, then you’ll likely need a bone graft to help grow more mass. It could take four to six months for you to recover before you can start your implant procedure.

Can I Reuse My Old Dentures?

Once you get your implants, you might wonder if you can use your old dentures again. This only works in rare occasions, but typically you’ll need to have a new crown, bridge, or denture for the posts to work properly. Ask your dentist to discover which options are best for you.

It’s not too late to switch from dentures to dental implants! By working with your dentist, you can ensure your jawbone is sufficient and ready to secure your new, enduring smile.

About the Author

Dr. Robert A. Camenzuli earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. He is also a member of the Louisiana Dental Association and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. With his advanced technology and passion for excellent dental care, he provides numerous treatments like dental implants to help you restore and maintain your best smile! If you want to know more about the transition from dentures to implants, visit his website or call 504-895-3400.

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