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Root Canal Therapy – Uptown New Orleans, LA

Tooth-Saving Care

Many people mistakenly associate root canals with pain, but the truth is that root canal therapy in Uptown New Orleans, LA is treatment that relieves pain. In fact, the procedure itself entails basically the same amount of discomfort as getting a cavity filled. In addition, without root canal therapy, the tooth would likely need to be removed altogether. Dr. Camenzuli and our caring team are proud to offer this treatment to preserve more of your natural, healthy smile. If you think you need a root canal, just give our team a call, and we’ll alleviate your symptoms and treat the infection.

Why Choose Camenzuli Dental Excellence for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Custom, Metal-Free Restorations Available
  • Experienced Dentist and Dental Team
  • Emergency Patients Welcome

The Root Canal Process

Whether you’re in pain or not, a root canal is needed when the pulp, or center of the tooth, is exposed to harmful bacteria and decay. To handle the situation, we perform the root canal procedure as follows:

  • Dr. Camenzuli will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area. This can take away the pain that you may be experiencing.
  • Then, he will remove the pulp and any other damaged or decayed tissue or structure.
  • After cleaning the inner chamber, he will seal it off to prevent infection in the future.
  • We then will take impressions of your mouth so that we can create a custom dental crown.
  • Before you leave, we’ll attach a temporary crown.
  • When your permanent restoration is ready, you’ll return to our dental office and have it secured in place.