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How Do I Keep My Dentures Clean and Bright?

March 22, 2022

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Denture stains can be frustrating when trying to maintain bright teeth. You have the necessary support for replacing missing teeth and can eat your favorite foods again, but you also want to enjoy showing off a nice smile! Fortunately, there are several simple methods for preserving your healthy and shiny teeth. Read on to learn how you can keep your dentures bright and which items to avoid during the process. 

How Do I Keep My Dentures White?

There are several ways you can maintain a bright set of dentures. Most of them consist of simple preventive practices in your everyday life. You can:

  • Visit your dentist regularly: This is the best way to ensure your dentures are as white as can be. Your dentist can provide a professional cleaning to remove tough stains and thoroughly polish them within a few minutes! Ask if they also offer medical-grade whitening treatment to boost their brightness.
  • Brush them every day: Just like with your natural teeth, keeping them clean by brushing at least twice a day is the most essential practice. Be sure to clean the underside as well to prevent bacteria from developing between the dentures and your gums.
  • Soak them overnight: Before going to bed, remove and soak them in a glass of water or with denture cleaner to help loosen/remove stains and plaque buildup. This will help preserve their shine even when you’re not awake.

What Should I Avoid When Brightening My Dentures?

While you can actively practice keeping your dentures nice and white, you should also avoid certain substances during your cleaning routine or eating habits. Many people like to use toothpastes that contain abrasive agents. These can actually scratch at the surface of your dentures and cause damage over time. Instead, brushing with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft-bristled toothbrush is the best way to go.

You should also limit how often you eat or drink pigmented foods that can easily stain your dentures. Be sure to give them a quick rinse or brush right after these meals to prevent the discoloration from setting in. Also, you’ll want to stay away from rinsing or soaking with hot water, which can warp the dentures and ruin their function.

With these few tips in mind, keeping your dentures healthy and shiny won’t be very difficult. Consult with your dentist if you have any concerns so you can stay on track with an amazing smile!

About the Author

Dr. Robert A. Camenzuli offers outstanding and comprehensive dental services for your needs. He’s passionate to help people smile, and he pursues hundreds of hours of continuing education to give you the best results! With multiple treatment options like dental cleanings and dentures, you can be sure he’ll provide top-quality care to maintain your dental health. If you want to know more about dentures and how to keep them bright, visit his website or call 504-895-3400.

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